Lewis Hamilton Secures 5th Championship F1 Title



Lewis Hamilton made history in Mexico where he claimed his fifth Formula One Championship, cementing his name within the F1 history books once more.

Eleven years, seven months and six days after making his F1 debut in Australia as a rookie 22-year-old, the Briton now stands as one of the nation’s most successful sporting stars, after establishing himself as the joint-second Formula One driver with the most titles in history. Ever since his impressive debut race, where he caught the world’s attention with a podium finish, not even Hamilton’s most loyal fans would have predicted the incredible journey that the racer has embarked upon over the last decade.

On a day where he needed a top-seven finish to get his hands on another historic Championship, Hamilton crossed the line in fourth place, finalising his spot at the top of the driver’s table with two races left to spare. The victory sent his fans at home into a frenzy of celebration, with the national hero now trailing the iconic Michael Schumacher by just two titles.

Very few racing fans would have entertained the thought of Hamilton one day breaking the German’s historic record of seven F1 Championships, but this is now looking like a reality. As a 33-year-old, Hamilton’s career is far from being over and with more incentive than ever, the Englishman’s goal is to now try and establish himself as the greatest Formula One driver of all time.

The iconic names such as Brazilian speedster Ayrton Senna, the record holder Schumacher himself and even the classy Frenchman Alain Prost all still creep into conversation amongst fans of the sport on a daily basis. Hamilton has undoubtedly done enough to join the mentioned stars on the illustrious list as a F1 hall of Famer, but the Briton will be eager to try make his name stand out from the rest.

Formula 1 Betting  

The top prize may now be off the cards for fellow racers as we enter the penultimate race of the season, but fans will still be keen to soak in the atmosphere of the remaining F1 events, as we draw nearer the end of the season.

With the Brazilian and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix still to look forward to, each racer and team will be aiming to finish their season off in strong form, before preparations begin for 2019. The driver’s standings are, of course, far from settled, as Kimi Räikkönen, Valtteri Bottas and Max Verstappen all have their sights firmly set on that third-placed finish. 

Our affiliate partners in Betfred continue to offer all the latest F1 odds and betting markets, with punters able to place bets on either an outright winner or podium finisher. It has been another season full of twists, turns and surprises in the world of formula one, but it was Hamilton who came out on top once again. Undoubtedly, the Englishman will continue to be popularly backed by home fans, who will be eager to see their beloved star lead the rankings next season.