Compliance Guidelines

Due to an increased focus on affiliate marketing from the UKGC, ASA and ICO, new guidelines are in place for all affiliates promoting Activewins brands (see link for more detail The following process has been implemented to ensure we can continue working with our affiliate partners.


  • ActiveWins designs fully-compliant creative, which can be found within the Activewins affiliate program. We encourage the use of these banners and landing pages to avoid violation of industry standards.
  • All self-produced banners or creative must be signed off by your Activewins Affiliate Manager before going live. Sign-off is required in written format via email.
  • Media buying affiliates must provide a complete list of channels being used to promote our brands. If a list is not produced, we must suspend your account / unable to work with your traffic source.
  • Affiliate Networks must provide an exhaustive list of all channels you will be using to promote our brands. If you are unable to provide this, we are unable to work with you.
  • Any promotion via Social Media channels must include the following on all posts;
    1. New Customer Offer (If promoting any Welcome Offers)
    2. T&C’s Apply 18+ (on each post or visible within the bio)
    3. You will have ‘Please Gamble Responsibly’ and/or a link to visible on your channel
    4. Any challenge or tipster pages must not promote guaranteed profit and/or success, and must not edit or amend previous posts to artificially increase claims of previous winning bets
  • Any email marketing affiliates must sign our disclaimer before distribution of offers. You must also add [email protected] to any database to ensure we have full visibility in your campaigns.
  • Under no circumstances should you promote any of our brands across the following channels;
    1. Adult Networks
    2. Illegal Streaming Sites
    3. Any pop-under or pop-up campaigns
    4. SMS Campaigns
    5. ‘Advertorial’ style marketing
  • Paid social advertorials should not be directly promoting our brands, and should not look as though you are advertising on behalf of the brand. Links must go directly to your website/affiliate channel.


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