ActiveWins in Amsterdam – the IGB Affiliate Conference



One of the highlights of the online gaming calendar, the annual iGaming Super Show and IGB affiliate conference took place in Amsterdam last week. ActiveWins were there, armed with leather biker jackets and eager to meet the affiliates and make an impression.

Natalie Merrison, Affiliate Director, said: “It’s one of the biggest conferences in the industry, so it’s very important for us to have a presence and meet affiliates in person. We’re not a faceless company. Our motto is business with a personal touch. Affiliates know they can talk to us, and we’re on hand to answer any questions.”

Eliot Jacob, Team Leader, said: “From our perspective it’s a great opportunity to build on the strong connections we have with our affiliates, which are usually maintained via phone and email. It’s important that we get that face-to-face dialogue whenever we can, to keep improving the relationships and show the affiliates how much we value them.”

With more than 70 operators in attendance, the expo floor is always packed full of booths offering freebies and merchandise, and this year was no exception. One of the hot ticket items was an England shirt, printed with the affiliate’s name while they waited, whilst other goodies included the usual assortment of gadgets and electronics.

ActiveWins focused on our sponsorship of the Bonneville Bantam motorcycle team, who were a huge hit at the LAC show in February. Since that time, they have smashed more land speed records and are looking to build on their success on larger vintage bikes. Much like ActiveWins, the Bonneville Bantam team prove that a small group of dedicated and talented people can accomplish extraordinary things.

The competition even attracted the attention of CalvinAyre’s iGaming Super Show 2016 recap. Congratulations to Sue Dawson from FTD Digital for being the lucky winner of our very cool jacket.

We’re looking forward to the conference in Berlin. Be sure to keep up with all the latest brands, games and offers by visiting and following us on social media.