Blogging Benefits in the Digital World



The phrase ‘blogging’ has become an everyday part of dialogue within digital jargon. Although it may feel as though blogs have been part of our online lives for an age now, content marketing has emerged as one of the hottest methods to help businesses grow online.

A blog is simply an informational page on a website relating to a specific topic, usually written in an informal tone. Hundreds of millions of websites hold a ‘blog category’ on their sites, to help keep their users updated with offers and information. ActiveWin has looked into the main benefits that blogging holds from a digital marketing perspective. 

Perfect for Skim and Scanning

Most users on the internet aren’t interested in scrolling through reams and reams of text, so blogs are the perfect vehicle to relay information in a simple, but effective way. Regularly updating online content is essential, but it should be easy to navigate around and written in a tone that matches your business’ online persona. Whether it is very corporate or casual and fun, online content should be regularly published, so customers gain a sense of who you are as a business. Plus, blogging shows that you care about your own website. Remember, your online presence is a representation of your business to first-time visitors.    

From an aesthetics point of view, a simple blog that incorporates images and video also contributes to the visual appeal of a website. In most cases, titles will sum up your main body of text, making it easy for users to gather information quickly. As mentioned, multiple pages of words will potentially deter a user from your site, so make sure to keep it short and sweet.  

Control Topics – The Power is in Your Hands

Content allows you to discuss any topics of your own choice. This, therefore, gives you the freedom to optimise specific offers and products, or even just information that you determine to be relevant at that particular time.

You may now be tired of seeing the term ‘relevant’, but it is a crucial aspect behind growing your blog page. By relating to hot trends within the online world, businesses stay fresh with updated content and respond to contemporary movements.

Blogs also provide the opportunity to answer frequently asked questions for users. For instance, generic blog posts for a technology chain may range from, ‘Where are our stores located?’ to ‘How Brexit will affect our sponsorship opportunities.’ Blogs should always tie into some relevance to a business’s offering, and content that links in with your own business is why you are posting in the first place.

More Traffic, More Leads and More Revenue

Blogs are a useful tool for driving more traffic to your website – what’s the point in writing content that nobody will ever read? The production of appropriate and quality material inside blogs can benefit businesses from an SEO perspective, as each individual blog can be indexed within search engines.

Each blog categorically acts as a separate web page inside your website, meaning that each of your different blog pages can be accessed via Google. For one, this makes your business more accessible for customers and therefore creates more opportunities to drive traffic to the site.

Just like any other form of content, blogs can also be optimised, with the aim of pushing their rankings in Google. Although blogs possess the freedom of being informal, keywords can still be incorporated into the text, to ensure that you are matching your readers intent. By implanting keywords and phrases inside your blogs, this can result in traffic being converted into leads, as customers have been navigated to your website after searching for a specific term.#

Staying Social is Healthy

The rise of social media and accessibility has had an incredibly positive impact on blog production. Thanks to sites such as Facebook and Twitter, sharing content online has never been easier, as businesses now use social media to connect with existing and potentially new customers every single day.

A single blog post encourages followers to interact with your website by clicking on hyperlinks. Regardless of whether your business is recognised globally or hyper-locally, consistently sharing online content is a great tool to increase brand awareness.

Blogging continues to be a cost-efficient and effective digital marketing strategy for any business. Sharing relevant content across the web is a fantastic long-term method to build up organic traffic to your site – don’t miss out, blog your way to the top now.  

ActiveWins – Providing You With Content

Although blogging is a powerful tool for SEO, it can be quite time-consuming for businesses who do not have people with the right skills within their organisation. Along with our friends at ActiveWin Media we acknowledge the importance of quality content, and we even have a team of content specialists, who work closely with our clients to produce blogs and copy that help drives their organic Google ranking.

Our digital publishing team produces quality SEO-optimised content, written explicitly within a brand’s specific guidelines and tone of voice. A blog is an integral factor behind helping a brand surge within search engine rankings, and we are experts when it comes to recognising what works best for each search engine.

Our content strategies identify and incorporate the most suited keywords for our clients, as we aim to strike a balance between being informative and engaging with our blogs.