BSA Boosters Gear Up for Pendine Sands 2017



It’s been a while since we caught up with land-speed record holders the BSA Boosters, but that doesn’t mean they’ve slowed down.

Since their Pendine Sands record-breaking success, this time last year, Karl Meredith and Stephen Roberts were invited to attend the London Affiliate Conference, as special guests of our ActiveWins affiliate team.

The pair were on hand to answer questions, and show Foxy, Betfred legend Fred Done, and ActiveWin digital marketing MD Warren Jacobs how it’s done, with two bike simulators.

In the run-up to this year’s Pendine competition, however, most of the action has been behind-the-scenes.

Previously, alterations made have been confined to the engines, and have been always been the same for both ActiveWins-branded bikes.

This time, they decided to try something different.

Karl, explained: “As we get so few chances to test the bikes, we’ve decided to change strategy. The engine in Steve’s bike has been altered again, based on what we learned from the last race. We’ve concentrated on making my bike more aerodynamic though, something we haven’t looked at before.

“We’ll still be in the same classes, but we should be able to achieve more speed and power – we’ve really had to push the bikes to their limits in the past.”

This weekend, the Boosters will find out just how well the modified bikes perform, as they take on Pendine Sands 2017.

Karl, said: “We’re confident that the current records are well within our reach, and hopefully the modifications will make a big difference.”

We wish them luck, and we’ll let you know how they get on.

In the meantime, to find out more about our fast-paced brand of digital marketing, you can visit the ActiveWin website.